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Why Use Ready Set Care?

If you are one of the 42+ million Americans caring for a loved one over 50, then Ready Set Care is for you.

You’re probably stressed, if not overwhelmed. There’s so much to think about and do! An ever-changing situation creates different, difficult demands on you, the family caregiver.

ReadySet Care is a free digital tool that will help you navigate the challenges of caregiving. Tailored to your individual situation as a caregiver, we save you precious time, peace of mind and sometimes even money. All of your caregiving needs are in one place, along with quick, easy-to-implement tips, strategies and a personalized action plan.

Do you know the best local and national programs, services and resources for your loved one’s specific issues and needs? Or, government benefits they could receive, steps you can take immediately and what to anticipate so you’re prepared? Really, how would you know all this stuff!

You don’t have to because Ready Set Care has done your homework. Our national caregiving experts understand not only how disease- and subject-specific areas impact you, but, equally important, the emotional side-- what it’s like to be a caregiver.

Chances are, you will be a caregiver more than once, with different concerns and questions. Perfect! Ready Set Care is a comprehensive guide intended to be used for all your caregiving needs, whenever you have them.